Integrity Brands

Integrity Brands was founded in 1999 by John Pound. Back in prehistory, when he was 14, Pound’s father, an experimental physicist, said to him: “I wish I thought you were going to grow up to be a well-known academic, but I think you’re going to be a buyer at Macy’s.”

Subsequent to this prediction, Pound earned a Ph.D in Finance from Yale; worked as an economist at the Securities and Exchange Commission; and taught at Harvard for a decade, where he was an authority on corporate governance. (So there). During this time, however (ok, ok), he also became involved in a number of retail and consumer businesses.

He left academia in 1997, served in an executive capacity at retail/consumer conglomerate, and then founded Integrity. His idea was to pursue a focused series of investments in the consumer and retail sector and to leverage his operating and governance experience to collaborate with management teams.

More information about the founder is here.